SAP EWM – Redistribute The QRFC’S from EWM to ERP

In EWM we can redistribute the data from S/4 EWM to ERP by triggering the PPF actions using standard programs in EWM.

Program – Tcode SE38


Make a selection that mates the documents QRFC you want to resend back to ERP.


Before you execute the report, use /h in the title bar to run this in debug. Enter the program main area and navigate to line 1558, statement “CASE p_mode.”

  CASE p_mode.
    WHEN 0.
      p_lock = abap_true.
      p_edit = abap_false.
    WHEN 1.
      p_lock = abap_false.
      p_edit = abap_false.
    WHEN 2.
      p_lock = abap_false.
      p_edit = abap_true.

There are 3 options for the processing mode mentioned above, these are as follows:

  • 0 – Display Mode
  • 1 – Change Mode
  • 2 – Master Mode

These influence how the report processes the logic.

In order send the PPF again, you need to remove the processing status in the /SCWM/MESSAGELOG table, see below:

There are 2 fields: Status & Flag as mentioned below.


Note: Processing mode must be 2 for this. When you have this in master mode, then you will get the fields opened up in the Message Log table entries.

After you have saved this, the next step is to Clear the LIME entries from table. Select the relevant radio button = Display / Clear LIME-Entries:


Note: When you get the screen showing you all of the LIME Entries, you need to press save. No need to make any changes.

After you have saved this, the next step is to Re-execute PPF Actions. Select the relevant radio button = Re-execute PPF Actions:


Once you have sent the PPF again, you need to reset the one field in the /SCWM/MESSAGELOG table, see below, the is the Flag field as the re-execution of the PPF does not set this:


NOTE: Once you change your processing mode is set to 2, you will see there are extra tabs for additional processing.

Initiating the redistribution of data from S/4 EWM to ERP can be easily done by triggering the PPF actions using a standard program in EWM. This process allows for seamless and efficient transfer of information, making data management much simpler and more effective. With this feature, businesses can streamline their operations and improve overall productivity.

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