SAP EWM – Wave management for replenishment Warehouse task

This functionality will be used in cases where we have a storage bin that needs a huge number of replenishments. Generally, for every replenishment, the system creates a WT in the background, and the operator picks the material with reference to the WT created. However, if the replenishment bin has a high quantity (in the 100s), then picking material for each WT separately and from different areas is not a good option.

At this point, using a wave would be a good option. It will group all the WTs created within a specific time interval and assign them to a wave.


Additionally, waves will be utilized to group the WTs and assign them to specific waves. WTs can be divided into waves based on criteria such as activity area, product, route, and consolidation group. Wave categories can be used as filters for the WOCR.


Furthermore, you can utilize this warehouse request to schedule multiple replenishments within waves and to plan the execution of replenishments separately from the requirements. For instance, you can choose to execute replenishments only at night.

Configuration Settings

Assign the wave determination procedure to the warehouse and document type for replenishment.

EWM→ Goods Issue process → Wave management → Wave template determination → Assign procedure to document type.


Doc type:


Set Automatic Wave Generation for Warehouse Process Type

EWM→ Goods Issue→ Wave management → Automatic Wave generation with Warehouse process type

This setting will help to automatically generate the Wave and execute it with an open Warehouse request that belongs to the assigned warehouse process type.

  • One or more waves will be automatically created for the WR
  • One or more WR items will be assigned to an existing wave(s)

Master Data

Maintain the condition record

Path → Easy access screen → EWM → Work scheduling → Wave management → Maintain condition records


Wave Template: –

Path → Easy access screen → EWM → Work scheduling → Wave management → Maintain Wave Template


Process Flow:

Create the schedule for replenishment using the wave template and check to execute in background T-code → /n/SCWM/REPL


Once the Warehouse request has been generated, look if the PPF action has been executed.

Run the background job to execute the PPF action to create Wave and assign it to the Warehouse request.

T-code -SPPFP

Enter Application as – /SCDL/DELIVERY

Action profile – /SCWM/WMR

In case the PPF action against the profile is not executed and in ‘Not processed’ status please select it manually and process it.


Checkout the wave using T-code /n/SCWM/WAVE → Select tab ‘Internal Stock Transfer’


Check if the Warehouse task created for the wave -191

T-code /n/SCWM/MON→ Go to Documents → Wave → Enter Wave number


Confirm the WT to replenish the Bin.

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