SAP S/4 HANA MM Release strategy (Workflow)/Flexible workflow

SAP S/4HANA Materials Management (MM) provides a flexible release strategy for purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and other procurement documents. This feature allows them to define and implement approval workflows tailored to their specific business requirements.

The Release strategy workflow in S/4 HANA MM

The approval process for purchase requisitions is outlined by the release strategy, which details the release codes required for the approval of either a complete purchase requisition or a requisition item, along with the specific order in which approvals must be granted. Up to a maximum of eight release codes can be allocated to the release strategy. The determination of whether the release strategy applies to a complete purchase requisition, or a requisition item is contingent on the fulfillment of release conditions.

Flexible Workflow

SAP Flexible Workflow is a versatile feature designed to streamline workflow setups. It enables the creation of condition-driven workflows for approval procedures and is instrumental in approving various procurement documents, including purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and supplier invoices. Flexible Workflow extends the capabilities of SAP Business Workflow, making it more adaptable and accessible to meet the evolving requirements of cloud-based innovations.”

Flexible Workflow Advantage

  • Customization of flexible workflows is achievable by creating scenarios tailored to your process requirements, eliminating the necessity for development efforts.
  • Key users have the capability to modify and edit these scenarios independently, without requiring developer intervention.
  • The Fiori app facilitates the definition of these customized workflows, while also enabling approval actions within the same environment
  • Various options are available for selecting approvers within the flexible workflow framework.
  • Conditional triggers can be specified to determine when workflow steps are activated.
  • You can define either one-step or multi-step approval processes, adapting to your specific needs.
  • In comparison to classical workflows, flexible workflows offer cost savings.

A custom email notification with a Flexible workflow without development.

Activate Flexible Workflow for Purchase Requisitions

Definition Of Workflow Step

  1. Triggered per Purchasing Organization for Indirect Purchasing (P. Org Value = 1000)
  2. Steps for the defined requirements
    1. Accounting Object (A = Asset, F = Order, K = Cost Center, P = Project)
    2. Material Group (MDF Code)
    3. Threshold

1.2 Purchase Order

Activate Flexible Workflow for Purchase Orders

Define Function

  • Email Notifications
  1. Open the app “Maintain Email Templates”
  2. Copy the standard template and create custom templates, to enable the email notification for workflow.
  • Setting up the team for the workflow
  1. The global approver team will consist of users with the below roles common to all countries.

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