Elevate your career with SAP S/4 HANA EWM

Self-learning course

Course Content

Basic Course Videos

Basic Course (40 hours)

Introduction to EWM 
• EWM system history
• Business Environment and deployment options.
• Major Functions supported by EWM

• Basic ERP and EWM Integration
• Delivery Document Integration

Organizational Element and Master Data 
• Organizational elements creation and transfer from ERP to EWM
• ERP organizational elements and its representation in EWM.
• ERP and EWM specific organizational elements and Master data
• Understand the use of Packaging Specification.

Warehouse Process Type
• Usage, creation and modify existing Warehouse Process Type
• Determination of Warehouse Process Type

Goods Receipt
• Goods Receipt process overview in EWM
• Discuss the Inbound delivery document usage in Goods Receipt process
• Availability group for inventory management
• ERP and EWM documents
• Expected Goods Receipt

Handling Unit Management
• Pack Specification setup

Put away Process
• Put away Process
• Warehouse Tasks and Warehouse Orders
• Putaway rules and strategies

Goods Issue
• Goods Issue Process
• Stock Removal Strategy

Storage Control
• Storage Control Concepts
• Process – oriented Storage Control(POSC)
• Layout – oriented Storage Control(LOSC)

Warehouse Order Creation
• Basic functions of Warehouse Order General
• Warehouse Order Creation Rule(WOCR) determination and configuration

Stock Transfers, and Replenishment
• Ad Hoc Movements for Stock Transfers
• Replenishments

Product Quality in EWM
• QIE Introduction
• Configuration process of Quality Inspection in EWM
• Quality Inspection process with 100 % inspection and skip lot.

Physical Inventory
• EWM Physical Inventory Process

Annual Physical Inventory

Ad-Hoc Physical Inventory

• Slotting and Rearrangement
• Configuration of Slotting process

Post Processing Framework(PPF)
• Overview of PPF
• PPF in Delivery processing

Radio Frequency Process (RF) and Recourse Management
• Radio Frequency Framework
• Work Processing using RF
• Recourse Management

Wave Management
• Maintain Wave Types
• Automatic wave generation for WPT

Advance Course Videos

Advance Topics (56 Hrs.) – This course Include Basic Course (combine).

 Integration of Production with EWM
• Staging and Consumption process and its configuration
• Receipt from Production process and its configuration
• Advance Production Integration Vs Outbound Production Integration

Deconsolidation process with Inbound
• Inbound deconsolidation process with POSC

Yard Management

• Applying Yard Management
• End-to-End Configuration and Process

Kitting Production
• Kit to Stock process
• End to end configuration

Packing work center process General
• Packing Process with Outbound delivery with POSC

2-Step Picking
• 2 Implementing Two-Step Picking
• 3 End-to-End Configuration and Process

Cross Docking in EWM system
• Opportunistic Cross Docking

Batch Management
• Processing Batches
• End-to-End Configuration and Process

Exception Handling
• Configure Exception Codes
• Define a New Exception Code
Other Activity prepared in Advance:
• Assessment (MCQ- Certification pattern) – 4 session / Weekly.
• Mockup Interview (2 session)

Demo Video

SAP EWM Basic overview
EWM Organizational Structure
EWM Activity Area
EWM Availability Group

         Anilkumar Panwar

Nitin is an exceptional EWM trainer.

Nitin’s depth of knowledge and extensive experience in the field are truly impressive. his training method is excellence. he has a remarkable ability to break down complex concepts into simple, understandable terms. I recommend Nitin’s training sessions.

Pritam Punde

Very Useful EWM course (S4 HANA Embedded)

The EWM course is very well structured with Basic & Advance. Each topic is covered in detail with many real time scenario examples. Amit Sir and Nitin sir have got very good teaching skills and always clear doubts in the lecture itself. Also assignments are provided which helps in logical thinking and solving real time scenarios. I would definitely recommend this course, anyone who wants to get into EWM and work as EWM Consultant.

Rajeev Ranjan

It was a great learning experience from…

It was a great learning experience from Nithin while learning SAP eWM. He is very calm and provided end to end config cycle and process cycle. He also entertained/enjoyed all kind of discussions during sessions. He had described Basic and Advanced eWM in the easiest way. Thanks!!!