SAP EWM Pack Nested HU/Pack Nested Content

There are scenarios during outbound where the Source Handling Unit (HU) is picked from the warehouse and put into the Pick HU. These Pick HUs are the loading HUs that are used to carry the product/source HU from the pick location and bring it up to the packing stations for packing the product in the Shipping HU.

In some scenarios, only the Source HU is packed into the Ship HU, whereas the Pick HU has the role of transferring the product/Pick HU to the destination location and then gets deleted. In other scenarios, only the content of the Source HU is packed into the Ship HU, whereas both the Source HU and Pick HU are deleted.

In SAP EWM, we have options to pick and pack the product under different scenarios, such as:

  1. Pick HU/Load HU is considered as the Destination HU, packed in the Ship HU.
  2. Only the content of the source HU will be packed under the Destination/Ship HU.
  3. The Source HU will be packed under the Destination/Ship HU, and the Pick/Load carrier will be deleted.

In this blog, we will only discuss point 3.


The nesting of Handling Units (HU) and their contents can be achieved using the ‘Control for Pick HU’ concept.

The control for Pick HU can be configured at the warehouse process type (WPT) level or at the storage type level. At the storage type level, we have an option where the warehouse process type settings (for Control HU) will take precedence over the storage type settings. Activating the control for Pick HU at the WPT level is more flexible and process-oriented compared to configuring it at the storage type level, making the system more location-dependent.

Storage type level


Warehouse process level



Now, for the scenario where the Source Handling Unit (HU) will be packed under the Destination/Ship HU, and the Pick/Load carrier will be deleted, we will be using the option labeled as ‘BLANK.’

In this scenario, a Source HU is picked from the warehouse, and during the confirmation process, we place the Source HU into the PICKHU.

Source HU


Pick HU created # while confirming the picking task.




Source HU packed under Pick HU as Nested.


Now move the Pick HU to the Packing station and pack the Source HU into Shipping HU.

800000132 – SHIP HU created


Pack Source HU to Ship HU by drag-drop from Pick HU to Ship HU.


On save the Pick HU will get deleted and only the source HU will be packed as Nested under Ship HU.


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Blog By – Nithin Kumar (SCM-CLOUDBOOK)

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