SAP EWM – Permitted Stock Type/Value.

Stock type

Each storage location in EWM is defined by an availability group, and each storage location is uniquely identified by a stock type in EWM. We have non-dependent and dependent stock types defined in EWM.

Permitted Stock type/value


The ‘Permitted Stock Type’ is an extended functionality that allows the use of different stock types when the system looks for permitted/allowed stock types to pick (applicable for different activities like PICK, PUTAWAY, PHYSICAL INVENTORY, etc.) the product from the warehouse in case the stock in the preferred/required stock type is not available.

Here are the scenarios: You have material 2439, which is stored in multiple storage locations – 1001, 1002, 1003, and we need to pick the material according to the removal search sequence.

Each storage location is managed by EWM and has a different stock type as follows:

  • SLOC – 1001: Stock Type F1
  • SLOC – 1002: Stock Type F2
  • SLOC – 1003: Stock Type F

According to the search sequence settings, the system will always attempt to pick the material first from Storage Location 1001. However, if the stock is not available in SLOC – 1001, the preference shifts to SLOC – 1002 and then to 1003, respectively. Since the system can pick the stock from different storage locations based on preference, we use permitted stock types to enable this picking, given that each SLOC is assigned a different stock type – F1, F2, and F, respectively.

Permitted stock type setting: Adding Picking preference.


Present removal Search strategy: The stock type F1 is set to issue stock to customers by default. In this case, the system will only look for stock type F1 and exit the search (if no stock is available in SLOC – 1001 with stock type F1).


Current stock: The Qty is only available in Sloc- 1002 (F2) and no stock is available in F1 stock type (SLOC -1001)


Before Permitted setting: during picking WT the system fails to find the stock and throws an error for not having stock.


After Permitted stetting: The system is able to find the permitted stock setting and its preference and pick the stock from storage location -1002


In WT creation, we can see that the system has picked the stock type F2 to pick stock from Storage Location 1002. Similarly, if the material is not available in SLOC-1002, the system will look for stock in SLOC-1003 with the relevant stock type F.


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Blog By : Nitin Kumar

EWM-Logistics Corporate Trainer /Freelancer

2 Replies to “SAP EWM – Permitted Stock Type/Value.”

  1. Hi Nitin
    Can you please clarify one thing here?
    Where have the changes been made? Have you only added F2 and F to Permitted stock types or are you also adding these stock types to the stock removal strategies?
    Screenshots of the changes as well would be greatly appreciated 👍🏼

    1. Hello Abhay

      The changes we have made in Stock determination group with permitted stock type ( you can find the screenshot in the blog itself). The stock type F1 is only added in stock removal strategy as a part of requirment.

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