SAP EWM New basic feature in S4HANA -EWM 2021.

  1. Create LSMW for configurational item in SAP S4HANA -EWM
  2. Configuration – Activate Storage bin change document.

Generally, we use LSMW to upload the master data or transaction data, when we want to use LSMW to upload the configurational Item in mass then it’s always a challenge, as for recording we require Transaction code and programs (for some configurational nodes which is not available).

In S4HANA 2021 and above its easy to create LSMW for configurational item also using recording as S4HANA provide the transaction code information for each configurational node.

For example, if we want to upload the physical activity area in mass in system using LSMW then we can identify the tcode using below path:

The highlighted one is the code we can use for recording.

LSMW to create physical inventory activity area to upload the configuration in masses.

Then follow the normal procedure to create the Projects information.


For recording use transaction code

Step -3 Create source file.

Step 4 Assign relationship

Auto Mapping of fields


Specify the file.


Step-9 Display read data


Display Converted data

Step -13 Create Batch session.

Step -14 execute the batch input session..

2) New feature in s4hana 2021 – Storage bin change document

The setting can be activate to track the changes been made for storage bin master data and fixed bin assignment master data.

For any changes in the storage bin the system will create the change document. This will lead to system performance. The change document records data such as the date, time of changes the user who made the changes, the value of field before and after.

Change in Storage bin –

Change document

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