SAP EWM Capacity Check Functionality

In SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), the capacity check during putaway ensures that the storage bin selected for placing goods during the inbound process has sufficient capacity to accommodate the incoming stock. The capacity check is essential to avoid overloading storage bins and to optimize the use of available warehouse space.

Type of capacity check in EWM

1)Weight – The system checks the capacity of the product based on Storage bin weight ( max Weight)

2)Capacity check with the product – Used for products placed in bins in the form of stacks.

3)HU Capacity check –  system calculates capacity utilization based on the of HU put away in the bin.

4)Product capacity check – Check capacity utilization based on No. of product Qty.

5)No Capacity based on weight/Vol.- The system will not consider product weight/volume to place in Bin and doesn’t follow optimum order.

Employing a capacity key figure provides control over the arrangement of a product within a storage bin. The system computes capacity consumption in various ways based on the chosen capacity check:

  • Capacity verification aligned with the product: The system calculates the capacity consumption for the product based on the quantity (quantity of a product with the same attributes).

  • Capacity verification aligned with Handling Unit (HU): In HU checks, the system calculates the capacity consumption based on the Handling Unit.

  • Capacity verification aligned with both product and HU: For situations involving mixed storage, we recommend utilizing the capacity check aligned with both the product and Handling Unit for optimal control.

Other Master Data Parameters

Storage Bin Capacity Check:

  • During the goods receipt process, SAP EWM checks if the available space in the destination storage bin is sufficient to accommodate the incoming goods. If the available capacity is exceeded, the system may trigger an alert or prevent the receipt of the goods until additional capacity is made available.

Product master Capacity check 
 The system will check the product master capacity consumption information mentioned in the product master total capacity consumption. 

Define Storage Bin Types:

  • Configure storage bin types and assign them to storage types. Define the capacity characteristics for each storage bin type, specifying the maximum quantity or weight it can hold.

Test Scenarios

Case -1 When the capacity check is activated by “no check against the weight and volume.”

  • The system will create the put-away warehouse task and the bin will be proposed based on product qty and not on the total weight/capacity of the product or bin (even if the total weight is defined in the bin)

Case -2 

When the capacity check is activated “Check according to key figure product.”

  • The system will calculate the capacity consumption mentioned in the product master with the total capacity defined in the bin.
  • The system considers the capacity and weight (2) of the product for bin selection.
  • The system calculates the capacity consumption based on product Qty.


Case -3

When capacity check “Non check against the key figure”

  • The system will not consider the capacity consumption mentioned in the product master with the total capacity defined in the bin.
  • The system will give preference to the total weight of material w.r.t to max Weight in the bin first then capacity.
  • The system will propose the bin that bin as per the sort sequence and weight available in the bin

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